Financial Services and Banking

We advise our clients on the legal aspects of their investments in funds and other forms of collective investment schemes. We assist these clients in all phases of the investment, from due diligence on the proponent all the way through to documentation of the transaction.

We can advise on:

  • peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding

  • primary investments in collective investment schemes, including private equity funds, hedge funds and alternative investment funds (including REIT and EIS funds)

  • secondary acquisitions/disposals by investors of private equity fund portfolios

  • private equity co-investments, venture capital

  • participation in Initial Coin Offerings and other forms of investment in cryptocurrencies

  • dealings with banks and other secured lenders in relation to the borrowing of funds

  • dealings with banks in relation to derivatives and other complex financial instruments

We also provide our clients with timely and incisive advice when investments go wrong. We have in-depth knowledge of the financial services and banking industry. We also have considerable experience of complex litigation. Further, as an independent boutique law firm, not reliant on large banks or large financial institutions for work, we are generally not conflicted which allows us to take on such entities in the financial sector without fear or favour.

The issues that we can advise on include:

  • Disputes on OTC derivatives contracts (swaps and options having interest rates, currency pairs, shares, commodities as underlying) where we typically act against financial institutions who may have mis-sold such contracts to corporate clients

  • Contracts for differences (CFDs) and other so called “Forex” products aimed at retail clients

  • Redemptions from investment funds and collective investment schemes generally

  • Personal borrowing, violations by lenders of the Consumer Credit Act etc.

  • Losses incurred by clients of spread betting platform and other FCA-regulated firms as the result of violation of FCA rules (FSMA 138D claims)

  • Bogus investment schemes (Ponzi/pyramid frauds etc)

Luca Salerno

Luca Salerno


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