Media, Sport and Entertainment

We have experience, over many years, of representing national and international sports figures, actors, musicians, politicians and others in the public eye persons. We can advise and assist on all manner of contracts and arrangements to optimise our client’s situation and with a view to ensuring their talents and efforts are properly rewarded. We benefit from high level connections with prominent industry figures in football, rugby, boxing and athletics at national and international level. We have also advised those involved in the worlds of film, television, theatre and the music industry as well as those in the public eye generally, including business people and politicians. From time to time, individuals or companies find themselves (willingly or not) in the news or media and we can provide swift and assured advice both pre- and post-publication and take action for those who wish to protect their reputations or their privacy or who wish to prevent harassment.

We can advise, amongst other things, on:

  • Creation and protection of contractual rights and valuable commercial interests

  • Protection of reputation /defamation (business and/or personal) in all media (including broadcasting, podcasting, print and online publications) and also pre-publication advice

  • We also have a successful record at the very highest level of defending those facing libel claims

  • Protection of privacy and personal data

  • Protection of intellectual property rights (copyright / trade marks / domain names/ trade names / passing off etc.).

  • Litigation / dispute resolution in relation to all the above  

Edward Parladorio

Edward Parladorio

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