Real Estate

Either directly, or in conjunction with trusted and reliable fellow professionals, we can provide in-depth knowledge of the local residential and commercial property market to individuals or companies that are interested in acquiring or disposing of real estate in Italy, Spain and Germany.

Buying and selling property is one of the most common (and often very valuable) transactions individuals and companies can enter into and real estate operations are rarely “routine” transactions. The rules, regulations, customs and conventions around acquiring title and other interests in real estate vary significantly from one jurisdiction to the other. For example only, in Italy, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary, estate agents may be entitled (unless otherwise agreed) to receive a 3% fee both from the seller and the buyer unless the property is particularly expensive, in which case a lesser fee is due. In Spain too, property agents generally charge higher percentage fees than their UK counterparts.

By carrying out legal due diligence on the property on behalf of a buyer, we can flush out issues that were not given the necessary emphasis by the seller or the real estate agent. This can often lead to a successful renegotiation of the purchase price and a reduction of the asking price.

By relying on a mix of internal and external resources (to include local surveyors and architects) we can assist clients to navigate and optimise a transaction in terms of the legal and technical due diligence required.

We can also assist our client in the development phase of a real estate project, looking at issues of planning law, administrative law (dealing with public authorities and government agencies) and procurement of goods and services from local building companies etc.

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Edward Parladorio

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