We advise the clients in connection with the tax implications of their relocation to the UK, Italy, Spain or Germany. The relocation to a different country is a life event that has very significant legal implications. It is not a casual thing, even though it often starts like one. 

We look at the implications of relocation from personal income tax standpoint but also from the point of view of other forms of taxation such as Inheritance Tax.

The rules around Inheritance Tax vary profoundly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, in the UK the tax is levied on the estate whereas in Italy, Spain and Germany the tax is levied on the heirs. Furthermore, the inheritance tax in connection with real estate follows the rules of where the property is located. This is the case irrespective of where the main probate proceeding are taking place. 

At Hanover Bond Law we help clients who work and live across multiple jurisdictions, in particular the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany navigate the complex issues that surround tax residency. It is often the case that through small adjustments to someones lifestyle and habits or through preemptive disclosure to the local tax authorities, clarity can be achieved in a way so as to avoid issues with tax authorities in future.

In connection with Inheritance Tax, the drawing of a will is of fundamental importance because in the will you can choose what law applies to the entirety of your estate, including real estate.