We can provide expert advice in relation to wills and probate matters.

Our lawyers have considerable experience working alongside external professionals and individuals to advise in respect of cross-border probate matters, particularly so in relation to estates in Italy, Spain and Germany.

We can advise and guide family members and beneficiaries throughout the process so that the procedures are completed, where possible, swiftly and smoothly. By having a multilingual team of lawyers, we can assist in cross-border issues with ease and simplicity from the client’s viewpoint.

We can offer our clients legal advice on a wide range of matters, both contentious and non-contentious, including those involving:

  • Cross-border inheritance

  • Identification of beneficiaries

  • Due diligence on the estate

  • Real estate aspects

  • Wills and their lawful execution

  • Disputes with executors

  • Contested probate matters

  • Issues over lack of mental capacity

When dealing with cross-border contested probate matters, we will take a pragmatic approach and try to resolve matters quickly, collaboratively and efficiently wherever possible.